About club

“Vilnius phenomenon”, “Good music club”, “Real irish pub in Vilnius oldtown”, “Club, where you can see live concerts every weekend” – that’s how a lot of people names legendary clu “Brodvejus Pub”.

“Brodvejus Pub” became like a second home to a lot of famous Lithuanias singers, musicians, actors, journalists, also a lot of studens from all over the world. At “Brodvejus Pub” you can meet your old friends, talk about life, dance, sing, watch some sports and simly have a cold beer or amazing cocktail.

There is a great dancfloor at Brodvejus Pub, where you can show your moves every day. Also there is a stage, about 150 seats and a lot of space by the bar. You cant celebrate all special occasions at “Brodvejus Pub” and have a lot of fun, because the atmosphere, staff and all the people are fantastick!

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